As a documentarist I think our world is sometimes loaded with too much color and “photoshopped fake realities”. So I prefer the classical black & white photography. It is much more challenging to work with all “shades of grey” between the two extremes. Some examples can be found here.

1945 nekropoles

“Stefan” from Necropolis-Project 2016


“Asyn” from Necropolis-Project 2016


“Erkut” from Necropolis-Project 2016


“Hyba” from Necropolis-Project 2016


The participants from the M10A Necropolis Project 2016


“Lisa” from Necropolis-Project 2016

“Wo bleibt die Liebe ?” (Helena) from Necropolis-Project 2016

The participants of  The Necropolis-Project 2017, Master Students of M18A and actor Günter Lamprecht

German actor Günter Lamprecht in front of his former home at Berlin-Neukölln in Spring 2017

Actor Günter Lamprecht discussing with students of M10A

Günter Lamprecht 2017

Günter Lamprecht (2017)

Stalin Statue at the Court Yard at the former GDR Prison at Berlin Hohenschönhausen

seen at the Cemetery Columbiadamm at Berlin Neukoelln after heavy storms in Autumn 2017

Main Street at Vukovar, Summer 2017

Students of the Berlin University for Applied Science working with their black boxes models

“Chronos” at a Berlin Cemetery

Statue of a Woman at the Cimetery at Berlin Mitte

Pianist Kyra Steckeweh

Pianist Kyra Steckeweh

Pianist Kyra Steckeweh, France, Summer 2018

Impressions at the Military-Cemetery at Berlin Mitte

The floor at the Memorial Site at Ovcara, near Vukovar, where after the siege of Vukovar in late 1991 a massacre was committed by Serbian militia under the eyes of the Former Yugoslav Army

“Hyba” from Necropolis-Project. Awarded with an honorable mention of the 2017 Monochrome Awards

“Bow to Death” from Nekropolen-Projekt Berlin-Neukölln 1945

From the series “Angels” at a Berlin cemetery at Mitte

seen at the Holocaust Memorial at Berlin on 20.07.2018

“Masters of Death” photo-series for the “Necropolis-Project”

“Florian” from Works for the Necropolis Project

“Men on Toys”

Croatian Soldiers at Vukovar, Summer 2018

Impressions at the former Vukovar Main Train Station

Former Vukovar Main Train Station, Entrance

“Vukovar Scars”

Vukovar: “The Flower House”

“Collateral Collage” – Poster for the Necropolis-Project Exhibition at the Museum at the Seelow Heights


Cross at the Memorial Site at Seelow Heights