1. Conception, planning and implementation of audio-visual projects of all kinds, including digital video conferences and presentations (e.g. via Zoom), streaming events (concert, theatre, performance), visual support for online lessons and courses.
  2. Screenplay, script, storyboard, direction, director of photography, video editing, graphics, 2D and 3D graphics and animation, post-production, subtitling, voiceover, dubbing, in-house, including foreign language versions in English, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.
  3. high-quality portrait and object photography (including large formats open air)
  4. digital image / sound recording with multiple cameras (720 / 1080HD to 4 K), aerial and drone shots, special action cameras, gimbals, steadycam
  5. Digital post-processing with AVID, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, 3D: After Effects, Motion
  6. Voice recording and dubbing, mixing
  7. Color grading
  8. Assembly in all standard TV and online formats, including subtitling
  9. Conversion, production of cinematic DCP in all lengths
  10. Graphic design, typesetting, layout, typography
  11. Text creation, proofreading

and if required:

  1. On location shoots: with up to four cameras
  2. Small AT or recording (trade fair, events, conferences, concerts) with up to six cameras, live editing and, if necessary, also live streaming (e.g. web TV)
  3. 200 – 600 sqm studio with or without green screen / blue box

Awards and honours:

Awards and honourable mentions at the Federal Film Prize, New York Festivals 1994 and 2016, Great Lakes Independent Film Festival 2016, Alive Doc Film Festival – Los Angeles 2018, 10th World Music and Independent Film Festival – Washington DC, New York Movie Awards 2019, Monochrome Awards 2017, Moscow International Foto Awards 2018, 2019, 2020, PX3 2019, International Photography Awards, EYCH 2018, OPUS Klassik 2020.

(Prices according to effort and offer as well as calculation)