Third international award for the investigative 

documentary film „UNFILTERED BREATHED IN” 

of  Berlin filmmaker Tim van Beveren


We are pleased and honored to announce that our documentary film „UNFILTERED BREATHED IN – The Truth about Aerotoxic Syndrome“ by Tim van Beveren has received the „International Award of Merit“ by the jury of the “2016 International Film Festival for the Environment, Health and Culture“ in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The original English language version of this investigative documentary produced by TVBMEDIA PRODUCTIONS and SUJU-FILMS about the subject of contaminated aircraft cabin air was first released in July 2015 in Berlin, Germany. In summer 2016 the film will be released as a DVD version.

The author and director, aviation journalist Tim van Beveren said: „This is now the third independent and international acknowledgement received for our film and my crew and I wish to express our gratitude to the jury and the festival organizers. Though the industry is still following the strategy of denial about the subject, we clearly see first changes: Airbus has recently moved and now offers additional filters for the air supply system in their aircraft. Standing ovations for that, but nothing has been done to help the many victims of such poisonings, who are unable to work and their health been ruined. This obligation remains with those who are responsible within the airlines, the manufacturers and politicians, worldwide. The aviation indu- stry is governed by the precautonary principle. This made it safe and I see no reason why it is not applied when it comes to the air that we breathe aboard aircraft.“

The film was produced over the period of two and a half years. It could only be made because participants waived or referred salaries and payments. Worldwide distribution is with Albatross World Sales GmbH, Leipzig, Germany.

Pictures are free to use for publication with “© 2015 tvbmedia production“ and sample copies of publications are kindly requested to this email.

Dr. Susanne Junker
suju-films / tvbmedia productions, Berlin

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